Sexual Assault & Housing

Sexual Assault and Housing

Please note: The information on these pages provides general information only. It is not specific legal advice addressing your specific situation. For personal legal advice, contact AVOICE at 1-888-343-4414.

Stable housing is crucial for a stable life. Therefore, for many people, finding or maintaining safe housing following an act of sexual violence is their top priority. See below to learn about some ways AVOICE may be able to assist you.

Terminating Your Lease:

Texas has special laws that allow victims of sexual assault, stalking, attempted sexual assault, and parents of child sexual abuse victims to break their lease early without being penalized if the assault occurred on the leased premises. Check here for more information! If you or your child was assaulted or stalked at home or at your apartment complex, contact AVOICE to find out whether you’re eligible.


The Texas Attorney General’s Crime Victims’ Compensation fund may be able to reimburse you for some of your moving expenses.

Public and Subsidized Housing:

Sometimes, public or subsidized housing is a good option. We can help you consider your options. In some cases, federal law may provide special protections to help you and your family find, or remain in, public or subsidized housing.

When you are ready, contact AVOICE at 1-888-343-4414, Monday-Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.

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