Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Prevention Technical Assistance Plus (TA+)

Tech•ni•cal As•sis•tance (ˈtek-ni-kəl əˈsistəns)
The provision of support, in the form of resources, problem-solving and advice, by TAASA staff designed to assist rape crisis center staff in program planning, implementation and evaluation, as well as in addressing challenges that may arise.

In addition to shorter-term technical assistance (TA) that generally takes one or two phone calls or emails to address, TAASA’s prevention team can now offer a longer-term TA program. This longer-term program, TA+, is designed to provide preventioneers with support and resources related to significant challenges or opportunities for their prevention efforts. We will continue to provide TA as we always have, but our TA+ program will allow us to provide more in-depth support for centers that are seeking it.

How will it look different than other TA?
• Long-term: TA+ can last anywhere from a few months to a few years, if necessary.
• In-depth: TAASA prevention team will work with you to get a clear picture of the challenge or opportunity you are seeking support for and then set goals for TA. TA+ might include one or multiple visits to your center and/or consistent communication through phone calls or emails.

What type of issues can be addressed? As we mentioned above, TA+ allows us to work on more in-depth and time-intensive challenges or opportunities in your prevention programming. Programs experiencing a whole range of success in their prevention programming are welcome to access TA+– whether they are successful programs looking to fine-tune their programming or programs that are struggling to define their prevention programming. Topics might include any of those listed below, or TAASA’s prevention team can work with you to tailor TA to meet your needs.
• Fine-Tuning Programming
• Curriculum Development or Facilitation
• Long-Range Planning
• Community Engagement
• Addressing Community or Societal-Level Risk Factors
• Staff and Volunteer Training
• Application of Prevention Theory
• Dealing with Specific Challenges
• The Texas PEACE Project Implementation

What is expected of me? Expectations of participating rape crisis center staff will depend upon the specific focus of TA+, but general expectations are listed below.
• Commit time to TA-related tasks that result from TA discussions
• Communicate regularly (whether via phone, email or in person) with TAASA TA staff
• Participate in evaluation process of TA+

If TA+ sounds like it may be a good fit for your prevention program, please express your interest by clicking here and filling out the TA+ interest form. A member of TAASA’s prevention team will contact you soon. Please note that due to the additional resources and time required for TA+, TAASA’s prevention team will provide TA+ to a limited number of centers at the same time.

To express interest in TA+, please complete this form. A member of TAASA’s prevention team will follow-up with you.