Announcement: Joint Access Statement on Immigration

The Texas Association Against Sexual Assault (TAASA) and the Texas Council on Family Violence (TCFV) stand together with our member programs across the state to promote the health and safety of all individuals, families and communities.

The long standing fear among immigrant communities, and people of color whose citizenship is called into question, has significantly grown in the face of recent state and national directives targeted at immigrants. Valid fears, enforcement actions, and deportation leaves families with irreplaceable voids and diminished community trust. As the statewide coalitions against domestic and sexual violence we know that these increased vulnerabilities create dangerous barriers to lifesaving supports and services for victims of sexual & domestic violence. We are also critically aware that justice and safety are intertwined. This connection is undermined when any victim does not feel safe, or able to at all, reach out for protection and help.

In light of this, the immense strength survivors show every day is evident. Collectively, Family Violence Centers, Sexual Assault Programs, TCFV and TAASA must seek to match this strength and remain connected through supporting unfettered access to services for every survivor and their communities in Texas. This will require:

  • Ongoing outreach and efforts to build trust among diverse and marginalized communities
  • Unique approaches to meeting survivor’s needs and adapting our efforts to offer survivor-centered and culturally-responsive services
  • Effectively addressing societal symptoms that lead not only to sexual and domestic violence but also to the marginalization of these communities.
  • Honest and open dialogue with these systems we hold as key partners which may not seem to be safe options for all survivors to find ways to come together to create holistic and effective community wide responses to violence and abuse.

TAASA & TCFV join our community based services providers in the work to support immigrants, communities of color, and all survivors of sexual and domestic violence. Our coalitions’ collaboration will yield more specific resources, including safety planning, legal rights, and program support for agencies serving their communities. We will continue to facilitate these challenging conversations and explore effective strategies through our trainings and conferences, technical assistance, and advocacy. TAASA and TCFV, in collaboration with immigration experts, are developing tools to assist providers in meeting the unique needs of survivors and their communities.

Survivors of violence, many with multiple layers of hardships, shine in their fortitude, strategy and resiliency daily.  At this time we band together as an advocacy community, with our new and old partners, to meet fear and isolation with the bright light of hope showing that everyone deserves safety and support.

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