Press Release: Brooke Axtell Opens Annual Conference

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Brooke Axtell, co-performer with Katy Perry at this year’s Grammys, set to perform at the 33rd Annual Texas Association Against Sexual Assault conference 

Austin, TX – This year’s Texas Association Against Sexual Assault (TAASA) Annual Conference opens with a spoken word performance by Brooke Axtell. Brooke captured the nation with her opening performance at the Grammy’s for Katy Perry, prefaced with President Obama’s plea for ending sexual and domestic violence.

“Sexual assault is a devastating crime and society’s misunderstanding can unintentionally impede healing for survivors. The positive attention from the White House, NFL, and other high profile mediums is long overdue” says Brooke Axtell.

The conference brings together the various institutions, agencies, and allies working to end sexual violence in Texas.  This year’s conference theme “Communities in Action: Survivors and Allies for a Healthy Texas” features workshops representing a variety of perspectives including intervention advocates, criminal justice personnel, forensic nurses, military personnel, university officials, and social justice allies.

“Our needs may be specific to our role yet there is wisdom in learning in an environment that draws upon the experiences, perspectives, and strengths of the broadest range of participants” says Annette Burrhus-Clay, Executive Director at TAASA.

The TAASA Conference kicks off on Monday, March 2nd, 20015 at 8:30 am with a performance by Brooke Axtell and a keynote address by Martha Ramos Duffer, a licensed clinical psychologist, exploring the role of self-care and agency sustainability.

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