Job Opening: Executive Director – Regional Victim Crisis Center

The Regional Victim Crisis Center (RVCC) Executive Director is a professional, energetic, amicable, and highly organized leader who is responsible for the overall management and administration of all RVCC functions and staff. She/he will oversee and support program operations, volunteer services and business administration of the RVCC. She/he will be responsible for development functions including grant writing, fundraising, major and corporate gift development, in-kind donation development, public relations and marketing. The Executive Director will support the Board of Directors in their policy development and related activities to assure provision of quality programs and service. The Executive Director will be responsible for implementing the mission, policies, goals and objectives of the organization and ensuring a positive RVCC image.


  • Master Degree preferred and 5+ years of progressively responsible management experience.
  • Must have experience in developing projects and evaluating results
  • Must have experience in grant writing (Sample may be requested)
  • Strong fundraising and fund development background
  • Superior written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Must be capable of providing direction, leadership and vision to RVCC staff and Board of Directors.
  • Basic understanding of financial reports and nonprofit administration preferred.
  • Exceptional time-management, planning, and administrative skills.
  • Ability to organize and prioritize workload.
  • High level of diplomacy, sound judgment, and discretion when dealing with donors, volunteers, and community professionals.



  • Supervise staff, assign work, provide direction and ensure compliance with established standards while promoting a supportive trauma informed and team-oriented environment.
  • Perform personnel functions including hiring, disciplinary actions and performance/wage reviews, assuring compliance with applicable internal policies and grant requirements. Keep president/appropriate board committee apprised of personnel related issues.
  • Determine and provide for staff training and development need.
  • Monitor and make recommendations regarding ongoing organizational staffing needs.

Board Support

  • Work closely with Board President, keeping him/her apprised of pertinent aspects of the organization’s operations, administration and development activities. Support President in various functions such as planning meetings, board development, board communications and related tasks.
  • Attend and contribute to meetings of the Board of Directors and all appropriate committee meetings to report on relevant issues and provide necessary input.
  • Provide primary staff support to appropriate Board committees and task forces keeping them apprised of issues and needs pertinent to their areas of responsibility. Assure that committee logistics are handled including scheduling meetings, keeping minutes, conducting research, preparing reports and documents, and other related tasks. Facilitate coordination and communication among board committees.
  • Support the Board in its policymaking and oversight functions and assure implementation of policies. Work with Board to develop and implement strategic planning goals and objectives.
  • Provide staff support to RVCC Board as requested.

Fundraising, Public Relations and Other Development Activities

  • Oversee fundraising, public relations and other development functions, including monitoring goals and objectives.
  • Work with key staff to identify fundraiser, public relations and other development-related opportunities. Participate in donor development and in-kind, grant proposals and major gift requests.
  • Promote public awareness of RVCC and serve as a primary spokesperson.

Grant Writing

  • Acquire a broad knowledge of organizational structure, functions and needs. Identify and understand the financial and budget matters of RVCC. Interface and communicate with program directors of the organization.
  • Research grant opportunities at appropriate places. Possess essential knowledge of grant application process. Develop effective grant proposals and grant reports based on the grantor and RVCC program needs and requirements in a timely manner.
  • Assure accurate and pertinent information in the grant proposal, letter of intent, or application. Submit proposals within deadlines to grant coordinators or concerned persons for approvals.
  • Maintain a professional and cordial relation with the grant coordinator and managers to ensure and check if information provided meets the requirements.

Program Operations and Volunteer Management

  • Direct the development, implementation and monitoring of services and programs for RVCC programs. Identify new changing needs, recommend, plan and implement new programs and program changes.
  • Assure development, documentation and maintenance of guidelines, systems, procedures and materials necessary to support effective delivery of RVCC programs. Assure adequate supervision of the day-today operations of the RVCC programs. Assure that all functions are carried our according to established procedures and guidelines.
  • Establish and maintain sound working relationships and cooperative arrangements with community groups and organizations to assure ongoing coordination and support of RVCC programs and services.
  • Assure that volunteer program activities including recruitment, screening, training, assignment, ongoing support and follow-up training, and maintenance of volunteer records meets organizational needs. Also oversee planning and implementation of volunteer recognition activities.
  • Assure ongoing coordination with appropriate staff regarding volunteer recruitment needs for in-house operations, special projects and programs.

Business Administration, Financial and Information Management

  • Oversee establishment and implementation of systems to assure maintenance of complete and accurate financial transactions and records. Maintain adequate internal controls.
  • Approve and sign checks for payment of invoices, debts and other obligations assuring signatures are in accordance with Board policy. Assure contracts, service agreements, and major purchases are procured and monitored in accordance with internal policy.
  • Assure timely preparation of financial statement and other financial reports as required by Board, committees, treasurer, and others. Review reports for accuracy and to identify current or emerging financial issues.
  • Oversee and coordinate work of appropriate staff to develop annual budget and cash projections for review and approval by Board of Directors. See that budget modifications are prepared and approved as needed. Monitor revenue and expenses to assure budget compliance.
  • Keep Board apprised of all financial and budgetary issues of problems including, but not limited to, any increases or decreases in grant funding, donations, or any other form of income, and any unanticipated increases in expenditures or overages in spending on budget line items.
  • Assure timely and accurate preparation of annual audit and tax returns. Oversee annual review and renewal of insurance coverage.
  • Assure maintenance of adequate processes, procedures and computer systems to support management information and database needs. Utilize technical expertise as needed.
  • Assure compliance with applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations and with the terms of organizational agreements, including timely submission of required reports.

Facility Management

  • Work with appropriate staff to identify the need for replacement or addition of furniture, fixtures and equipment, and for general facility improvements.
  • Oversee solicitation of quotes for major facility-related service contracts and projects. Seek technical assistance (if necessary), evaluate quotes, make recommendations to appropriate committees, finalize agreements an assure contractor performance is monitored.

Other Responsibilities

  • Respond to information requests and directives as needed.
  • Assist with on-call coverage as needed.
  • Perform other duties incidental to the work outlined in this position description.

Employment Structure Reports to the Board of Directors for stewardship of the Mission Statement and the integrity of its goals. Exempt full time employee Forty hours per week; additional and on-call hours as required. Health insurance provided, retirement plan, Workers’ Compensation, paid sick leave and vacation (combined PTO)

Annual Salary: $65, 000 or commensurate with experience.

RVCC is an Equal Opportunity Employer

TO APPLY FOR THIS POSTION: Please submit your cover letter and resume to Emily Orosco and Monica Reid

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