Job Opening: Primary Prevention Coordinator – Focusing Families

Primary Prevention Coordinator – Focusing Families

Focusing Families in Hempstead, Texas is hiring for a full time Primary Prevention Coordinator that will help continue to develop their education programming in Brenham High School.  Applicant must have strong oral communication skills and be willing to relocate to the area.  If interested, please send resume to

Position:  Primary Prevention Coordinator

Reports To:  Primary Prevention Manager/Children’s Program Director

Exempt/Non-Exempt Status: Non-Exempt

Primary Prevention Coordinator works 100% on the SAPCS-Federal Grant

Job Summary:  The Primary Prevention Coordinator is responsible for the development, and implementation of primary prevention activities. Works as an integral part of the organization’s team, by ensuring quality, effective programming and community education. The Primary Prevention Coordinator is a member of the Focusing Families staff and participates in staff training, in-service, group supervision, and individual supervision.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Function as the agency’s Primary Prevention Coordinator, developing and implementing a comprehensive primary prevention planning process to create strategies and activities to prevent sexual violence.
  2. Monitor primary prevention activities and prepare reports of activities conducted as requested.
  3. Ensure that primary prevention activities include elements of the following: educational seminars; training programs for professionals; preparation of informational materials; education and other efforts to help prevent sexual violence.
  4. Network with community partners to encourage collaborative projects that enhance primary prevention activities.
  5. Participate in any Coordinated Community Response Coalition.
  6. Directly supervise and evaluate assigned agency primary prevention volunteers.
  7. In cooperation with the Executive Director and Primary Prevention Manager, ensure compliance with all agency contracts funding portions of Primary Prevention and Education Program.
  8. Provide speaking/trainings and structured education programs to schools and youth service agencies regarding inequity, oppression, gender role socialization, sexual violence, healthy sexuality, entitlement and consent, gender roles, (age appropriate) as requested.
  9. Maintain appropriate records for reporting requirements.
  10. Ensure that an accurate record of working hours, mileage, etc. is maintained.
  11. Ensure that an accurate work record for primary prevention volunteers is maintained.
  12. Prepare reports as requested/required by the Executive Director or Primary Prevention Manager regarding primary prevention activities.

Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Education, Gender Studies, Sociology, psychology or in a related field.

Qualifications: Program development, excellent oral and written communication skills, and personnel management; public speaking, knowledgeable regarding sexual assault issues, thorough understanding and experience in the delivery of services to an ethnically and economically diverse and resistant populations, computer literate with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel.  Must possess a personal, insured vehicle for use on the job with a valid driver’s license.

Ability to walk, bend, stoop, twist at waist, reach, climb stairs, lift and carry at least 25 lbs. Strong written and verbal communication skills.  Maintain Continuing Education credits as required. Must pass a criminal background check and have a clean driving record.

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