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Resolutions are the basis of TAASA’s organizational policy & shapes the movement to end sexual violence in Texas. If you would like to help us shape Texas policy, become a member & vote at the Annual Membership meeting at TAASA’s Annual Conference.

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2016 Accepted Resolutions

Supporting Undocumented Immigrants

This resolution expresses the importance of growth in outreach and services to all survivors regardless of documentation and/or immigration status.  The resolution identifies the significance of trust, inclusion, and confidence required to encourage positive contact and interaction with all survivors without fear of immigration consequences.

Engaging Youth to End Sexual Violence

The resolution to engage youth in ending sexual violence addresses the elements of culture change necessary to initiating a substantial shift in attitudes and behaviors.  More importantly, this resolution elevates the role and respects the capacity of youth in creating that change in Texas.

The Detention of Immigrant Men, Women, and Children

Immigrant men, women, and children fleeing violence are highly vulnerable targets in their journey to safety.  This resolution expands our work as advocates to include those in immigration detention facilities.  It recognizes the importance of trauma informed care and the importance of survivor-centered strategies necessary to address survivors of sexual assault.

Including Transgender/Gender Non-conforming Clients

Transgender/Gender Non-Conforming clients are a highly marginalized community.   This resolution lays out the foundation for the inclusion, learning, and standards of care when providing sexual assault services to transgender/gender non-conforming clients. The importance of counting, valuing, and incorporating the uniqueness of transgender/gender non-conforming community to our work is essential to the movement.

Addressing Sexual Violence in Institutions of Higher Learning

Addressing sexual violence in institutions of higher learning is multifaceted.  This resolution clearly states the importance of addressing the needs of survivors beyond the incident and disclosure.  It incorporates the uniqueness of students, the complexity of institutional response, and the role of sexual assault service providers.

Resolutions Still in Effect

Supporting Victims

TAASA will honor the brave victims of both child and adult sexual assault, and be it further TAASA will encourage and support adult and child victims of sexual assault to come forward to be heard and not ashamed, to help change laws, educate and prevent sexual abuse.

Prevention of Sexual Violence

TAASA is committed to promoting efforts to modify or eliminate the individual, relationship, community, and societal influences that result in perpetration, victimization, and bystander attitudes that allow sexual violence to occur. TAASA will assist in leading and promoting local, state and nation wide sexual violence prevention efforts.

Engaging Men to End Sexual Violence

TAASA is committed to serving victims of sexual violence by engaging men to end sexual violence and will develop strategies to engage men and participate in on-going local, state and national efforts to engage men in the movement to end sexual violence.

Prison Rape

TAASA supports communication with correctional facilities and encourages local programs to offer support and assistance (as appropriate) to make said institutions safe from sexual violence and predation.

Human Trafficking

TAASA is committed to serving the victims of human trafficking and will assist international, federal, state and community efforts to confront human trafficking.

Hate Crimes

TAASA supports the designation of hate crimes in criminal justice statistics and encourages all law enforcement entities in the state to designate hate crimes as such in their reporting. In addition, TAASA encourages sexual assault programs to include information on hate crimes in volunteer training programs.


TAASA and its member programs will be responsive to all victims of sexual violence regardless of gender or sexual orientation and including, but not limited to male victims, incarcerated persons, human trafficking victims, sex industry workers, gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgendered victims, and military personnel; be it further that TAASA members will actively encourage and recruit from our respective communities people with diverse races, national origins, and cultural backgrounds to volunteer and be employed at rape crisis centers and participate on the TAASA Board of Directors.


TAASA will support legislation that protects sexual assault/incest survivor’s rights to make choices with regards to abortion. TAASA will oppose legislation that restricts a female’s right to choose an abortion.

TAASA as a Stand-Alone Organization

TAASA has a 34-year history as the primary advocate of sexual assault survivors across the state of Texas. Therefore, be it that the membership of TAASA support the continued autonomy of TAASA and reject offers to combine with other victims organizations in the state of Texas.

Maintaining Funding

TAASA works actively to monitor and maintain funding for the association. In its efforts in prevention, education, social justice, and advocacy, TAASA also works to maintain and develop funding resources for its efforts to end sexual violence.

Sunset on All TAASA Resolutions

All of the TAASA resolutions are in effect for four years. TAASA resolutions must be resubmitted, reviewed, and voted on by the membership every four years from implementation.

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