Get Involved!

5 Ways to Get Involved w/TAASA

  1. Share Our Resources
    • TAASA is pretty active via Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. We share resources & updates via email, social media, and in the community. Feel free to share widely!
  2. Donate or Become a Member
    • Feel free to donate online or mail a check to our organization. If you’d like to be more involved, you can sign up to be a TAASA member for $36/yr!! Learn more here.
  3. Support Your Local Crisis Center
    • There are over 80 rape crisis centers across Texas & they could really use your support. You can use our crisis center locator to find a center near you.  Reach out to them anytime to ask about local events and volunteer opportunities!
  4. Attend Trainings or Events
    • We post online trainings & events to the events calendar. You can stay informed by registering for a webinar and/or stopping by local events.
  5. Join a Program

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