"I'm tired of the silence"

TAASA’s Cultural Awareness Certification webinar series kicked off today with the topic of “Male Survivors of Sexual Assault”.  The webinar, despite two-way communication limitations, sparked lively discussions regarding the misunderstandings of sexual assault in general and the role of gender socialization and homophobia in promoting the myths around male victimization.  The group came to the conclusion that reaching and effectively serving male victims is only half the work.  The other half entails a societal norm piece in changing attitudes and behaviors.  At the conclusion of the webinar I received an email titled “I’m tired of the silence”.  The email included a video project of “The Respect Program” from the Office of Health Promotion at Emory University.

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Viva La Graphix:Web Design for Non Profits

Happy Friday Advocates! Here is a great interview with Eve Simon, the creative director of Beaconfire. Beaconfire’s mission states: We help nonprofits that serve good causes accomplish great things on the Internet. We design and build Web sites and craft online campaigns that make people care – and act.

I thought this would be a perfect video interview for you all to see before the weekend. Think about ways you can implement her suggestions locally in your agency. Enjoy!

Web Design for Non Profits
By Eve Simon