Integrating Evaluation into Prevention Curricula

TAASA is pleased to announce the release of a new resource: Activity-Based Assessment: Integrating Evaluation into Prevention Curricula. This toolkit, developed in conjunction with the Texas Council on Family Violence (TCFV), guides prevention workers through a model of using activities in their curriculum evaluatively to guide program improvement and includes examples and templates to help people use this model in their work.

Activity Based Assessment Toolkit

TAASA’s Diversity Task Force Announces Conference Scholarship Recipients

TAASA’s Diversity Task Force prides itself in the process by which recipients are selected. Each application was qualified and carefully reviewed.

We are proud to announce the 2014 Scholarship Recipients:

Rosalva Gomez
Family Ties
Waller, TX

Emma J. Smith
Sexual Assault Resource Center
Bryan, TX

Virginia Rueda
Center Against Family Violence
El Paso, TX

Luisa Trujillo
Regional Victim Crisis Center
Abilene, TX

Marcia Marshall
U.S. Navy
Fort Worth, TX

Virginia Johnson
Abigail’s Arms CCFCC
Gainesville, TX

We encourage all applicants to keep up the good work in positively impacting the anti-sexual assault movement. Thank you all again for taking the time to complete a thorough application and we look … Full Article

TAASA Unveils 2014 Sexual Assault Awarness and Prevention Month Toolkit

FIRST-CLASS-MALE-STAMPWith Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month (SAAPM) around the corner, we are excited to unveil TAASA’s 2014 SAAPM theme.

This year’s SAAPM toolkit focuses on the engagement of males in the prevention and awareness of sexual assault. The theme “First Class Male: Cultivating Change through Male Involvement” is two-fold. First, it represents the involvement of males in creating awareness about the most common form of sexual assault and in challenging rape culture (where rape is an accepted & expected norm). Second, it symbolizes the unity of well-intentioned males in their commitment to the health and safety of the community.

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No Fun in Government Dysfunction

In this great nation, there is a system to create laws, a system to enforce laws, and an expectation to uphold them.  We elect representatives to follow the legislative process when debating and creating bills that we may or may not want turned into law.  It is with much regret that our nation is facing a government shut down. The uncertainty of this shut down is unfortunate and completely unnecessary, especially when you consider its impact on survivors of domestic and sexual violence.

The intention of this blog is not to debate the strategic methods being used on the part of Republicans or Democrats or to pick one side over the other. Instead, I want to use … Full Article

Targeting Rape Survivors Marks Dangerous Shift

Recently, a hardworking, selfless legislative aide has been helping me advocate for a survivor of a brutal gang rape in a Texas prison. We’d had trouble connecting, and I apologized for the inconvenience. She told me not to worry about it, because her office has been so busy with the special session abortion legislation that she’s had no time to work on our case anyway.

Against the backdrop of HB 2’s passage and last Thursday’s HB 59 filing, her remark felt ironic. The exchange caused me to reflect on the protracted fight over reproductive rights at the Capitol, and why, ordinarily, it never would have occurred.

This isn’t a blog post about abortion. My point is that the Legislature … Full Article

TAASA Supports Survivors, Opposes SB1 and HB2

The state of Texas has attracted national attention as its legislature pushes the most anti-abortion legislation in modern Texas history through SB1 and HB2. Texas State Senator Wendy Davis armed with thousands of pro-choice Texans successfully completed an 11 hour filibuster preventing SB2 from becoming law in a Special Session called by Texas Governor Rick Perry. As a result Governor Perry called a second special session with the goal of passing the legislation.

TAASA operates on a statewide level for the prevention of sexual violence, awareness of societal conditions enabling said violence and provides resources and training on issues around victimization and the criminal justice system. Through this work TAASA advocates on behalf of sexual assault survivors … Full Article

Cultivating the Intrinsic for Positive Change

A vast majority of the public carries an instinctive concern for those in need. In particular, youth have an unfettered interest in humanity and the impact of inequity on society. When combined, generosity and energy have the potential for major change.

The Meridian World School students pose for a picture with Hope Alliance Executive Director Patty Connor.

A group of 6th grade girls decided to take action in their community when they learned about the “one billion rising”  worldwide movement to take a stand against violence against women. Their focus was their local rape crisis center – Hope alliance and the issue of violence … Full Article

I Don’t Care About the Game…I Just Like the Commercials

How many times have you heard somebody say that when it comes to “the big game”?  Every February the advertising world whips us into a frenzy with the suspense over the new crop of commercials that will air during the Superbowl.  Will they be funny? Touching?  Racy?  What commercial will get the biggest buzz around the water cooler on Monday morning? I have to admit, I am a sucker for the commercials myself.  They are, for the most part, entertaining.  They should be considering they cost around 8 million dollars per minute (not to mention the cost to make them).  Advertisers are sinking huge amounts of time and money into grabbing and holding our attention in hopes of selling us … Full Article

TAASA’s Diversity Task Force 2013 Scholarship Recipients Announced!

Have you ever been so deeply inspired that words themselves fail to express the depth of that inspiration? I ran across a post titled “Random Acts of Kindness” highlighting kind gestures by ordinary individuals simply lending a hand expecting nothing in return. Its touching depiction of humanity was also present in each scholarship application reviewed. The dedication to compassion, hope and healing became evident as the unsung heroes in local Texas communities emerged. The decision was difficult yet derived after much discussion and consideration.

TAASA’s Diversity Task Force proudly announces the 2013 TAASA Conference Scholarship Recipients!!

Theresa Packebush
Children’s Advocate/Prevention Educator/Sexual Assault Advocate
Hutchinson County Crisis Center
Borger, TX

Nasim Hoomanrad
Manager of Community Education & … Full Article

“Social Justice League: Bringing Justice to the System”

Remember as a kid the gratification felt when your favorite super (s)hero character saved the day? The idealistic sense of responsibility when good overcame evil; when no task was too large and no one left behind. When justice always prevailed?

The theme behind TAASA’s 2013 SAAPM’s toolkit represents the child-like wonder of the super (s)heroes amongst us as we work to “bring justice to the system”. The “Social Justice League” concept symbolizes the extraordinary power of ordinary people in collectively confronting the issue of sexual assault. This year’s SAAPM toolkit seeks to utilize the shared onus, will and power of the people. “Bringing … Full Article