Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month is near! During the month of April agencies and organizations across the country will engage in a national effort to create awareness and change during Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month (SAAPM). This creates a great opportunity for Texas agencies and organizations to localize a national effort. Your agency’s SAAPM activities will represent a ripple in the national wave of sexual assault awareness and prevention efforts. There is a saying about our great state: “Everything’s bigger in Texas” so as we begin planning our Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention activities, think BIG in our reach to marginalized populations, think BIG on building and sustaining relationships with various segments of our community and institutions and think BIG on creating sustainable awareness and change for the betterment of our community and it’s response to survivors of sexual assault.
The theme of TAASA’s 2012 SAAPM packet is “Get Social”. The intention behind this theme is to emphasize the connection between community, it’s stakeholders and our agency. It also represents the importance of collaboration and building of relationships in creating awareness and change. This packet will provide tools that employ both traditional and non-traditional methods through the use of social media, social marketing and social change.
Click here to view the packet and “Get Social!!” What are your agency plans for sexual assault awareness and prevention month?



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