Let’s Honor Advocates

TAASA invites you to honor those who have helped open doors, build bridges, and have shared their energy and creativity in the campaign against sexual violence by nominating them for a TAASA Award. Nominations must be submitted by March 31, 2017.

2 Ways to Nominate

  1. Fill out the online form below
  2. Fill out this pdf form and email to Dina Yup at

Nomination Rules

  1. Only current TAASA members may submit nominations.
  2. Please submit only one nomination per category.
  3. Write a short essay (less than one page) on why you believe this person or entity should receive a particular award and submit it along with the first page of this form to Dina Yup by mail, email, or fax (see page one for contact information).
  4. TAASA may eliminate from consideration any nomination form that contains incomplete information.
  5. TAASA reserves the right to move a nominee to another category.
  6. The awards decisions are final and winners will be notified by mail.
Award Category Requirements
Champion for Social Change Eligibility – Individuals (legislators, survivors, etc.)
Criteria – Impacted policy or social norms change in a way that furthers the mission to end sexual violence in Texas.
Vivian Miles Lifetime Achievement Award Eligibility – Minimum of 10 years in the anti-sexual assault movement.
Criteria – Demonstrated a lifetime commitment to ending sexual violence or to providing support to survivors.
Excellence in Advocacy Eligibility – Individual or team directly affiliated with a sexual assault program.
– Demonstrated outstanding advocacy on behalf of survivors.
Harold Cottle Justice Award Eligibility – Law enforcement, criminal justice officers, or legislators.
Criteria – Demonstrated outstanding support for victims and willingness to educate self and colleagues within the criminal justice system about sexual assault.
Excellence in Media Eligibility – Individuals or teams in print or broadcast media.
Criteria – Demonstrated commitment to increasing awareness through fair and compassionate depictions of sexual violence and its cost to individuals and communities.
Community Engagement Award Eligibility – Individual(s) associated with a sexual assault program.
Criteria –
Made significant progress in engaging community partners in community education or in the primary prevention of sexual violence.
Community Empowerment Award Eligibility – Sexual assault program, social service agency, business, hospital, school, etc.
Criteria –
Worked with diverse, underserved populations through culturally competent projects and events such the creation of education materials, outreach programs, or primary prevention-based curricula.
Program Volunteer of the Year Eligibility – Volunteer providing uncompensated support to a TAASA sexual assault member program.
Criteria – Provided outstanding support for local sexual assault services.
Samantha Dean Rising Star Award Eligibility – An advocate under 30 in the field who displays a true passion and dedication to serving others.
Criteria – Went above and beyond to outreach and assist survivors in their community.

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