Announcement: 2017 Diversity Task Force Scholarship Recipients

The Diversity Task Force scholarship fund is made possible by the statewide support of TAASA members, Diversity Task Force volunteers, and other allies. On behalf of TAASA’s Diversity Scholarship Committee, we thank everyone who took the time to complete a thorough application. Each application was qualified and carefully reviewed. We encourage all applicants to keep up the good work in positively impacting the movement to end sexual violence.

Scholarship recipients will receive an email notification with logistic details soon. Congrats and we’ll see you at the National Sexual Assault Conference (NSAC) in Dallas!

  • Jeyline Satterwhite
  • Candice Holloway
  • Katrina Stewart
  • Eleany Ochoa
  • K’Danz Cruz
  • Roberto Escobedo
  • Hope Miller
  • Nyna Burright
  • Denisse Garcia
  • Martha Garcia

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